Trim your wick before each burn…

Trim your wick before each burn…

Candle Care Tips:

  1. The very first burn of your new candle should last 2-3 hours or until there's a burn pool that reaches all sides of your jar. This prevents tunnelling & creates an even burn for the rest of your candle's life.

  2. Always trim your wick before each burn to about 1/4", this prevents your candle from having a black ring around the jar. It also helps your candle burn clean and evenly, and it lasts longer.

  3. Burn your candle away from windows and drafts for a maximum scent throw.

  4. Please keep your candle away from pets and children, Chicks Love Candles is not responsible for accidents in your home or personal space. 

  5. Please DO NOT let your candle burn unattended.